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20 October 2021...  the Moderna vaccine, manufactured in the USA, is not approved by America's FDA for use on American minors. In Australia it has been approved for minors. This should be of great concern to any sensible person. Australia is now one of several dozen nations which have ceased to have any involvement with the Astrazeneca vaccine. Even the Congo (in Africa) got rid of Astrazeneca before Australia did... and Hong Kong has 'generously' agreed to donate its remaining 7,500,000 doses of Astrazeneca to the Third World!


10 October 2021...  stay tuned for new interviews, coming soon, with John WIlson and Sol Millin. As travel opportunities expand (availability of flights, open borders, etc) we hope to bring you a wide new array of subjects and interviews, so please keep watching.


8 October 2021...  the Australian judiciary have formally been made exempt from vaccination requirements to perform their job and retain their employment. More details will follow shortly. Thanks to Darren Dixon for this intriguing update.


3 October 2021...  as of tomorrow, 4 October, Melbourne is to be classified the most locked down city in the world. Let's not forget that Melbourne was also selected as the Rockefeller Smart Global City for the Indo-Pacific / South Pacific region...


1 October 2021...  White T-Shirt anti-vaxx protests were held today in Sydney at Penrith and Parramatta. Crowd sizes were said to be 200 at Penrith and 1000 at Parramatta. Police numbers were small and there appears to have been no arrests.


26 September 2021...  stories or reports about "large numbers of military" booking rooms and staying at a certain Marriott Hotel in Sydney are false. That hotel is a quarantine hotel. It houses travellers who have flown into Sydney Airport. When such travellers are placed into quarantine hotel rooms, police and military are stationed at the front and back entrance of the hotel to prevent those quarantine guests from leaving. The Australian military has never booked rooms or stayed at that hotel.


22 September 2021...  stay tuned for our next round of Jannene Howse interviews, coming soon!


19 September 2021...  the nationwide anti-COVID-19 lockdown protest held yesterday, September 18, attracted large numbers in Melbourne and only a mere handful in Sydney. There is no coverage by "the GLOSSA channel" from the Sydney event as little or nothing happened. A number of other Sydney protests in recent times have also resulted in a no-show. Melburnians managed to get to their protest site yesterday enmasse, despite a total shutdown of their public transport system, and while Sydney police had a less restrictive approach to controlling people's movements, Sydney-siders still failed to arrive, which is perplexing in a city of six million.


13 September 2021...  Queensland Police in Australia have launched a Class Action law suit against their employer regarding the requirement for them to be fully vaccinated. The full details have not yet come to light, but we will provide more details when available, so please be patient -- "the GLOSSA channel" is not directly involved in the matter.


11 September 2021...  today is the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, and today we have uploaded a new 4-part series of interviews with Sol Millin regarding his Class Action law suit against the government. Stay tuned for more, coming soon...


3 September 2021...  The Great Reset...  if you are a New Subscriber experiencing log-in problems, please contact us and we will send you a password reset link. That normally solves most log-in issues. In the meantime, please also try logging-in on a different device and a different internet browser to see if that resolves the problem. We recommend Brave or FireFox over all other browsers. If our password reset link does not arrive, please check your junk and spam email folders, as some viewers are reporting that our emails are being diverted or suppressed.


1 September 2021...  the month of August was unfortunately chaotic here at "the GLOSSA channel" but we have been able to film some new content and will have it uploaded ASAP. Thank you for your patience. Things in Sydney, and Australia in general, have been getting progressively worse in terms of restrictions and lockdown measures. We appreciate your support and ask for your understanding while we stabilize the channel.


20 August 2021...  It has been brought to our attention that Coronavirus lockdown demonstrations will be held tomorrow, Saturday 21 August, in cities across Australia. The Sydney event tomorrow will occur at Victoria Park (intersection of Broadway and City Road) from midday. As "the GLOSSA channel" is not directly involved in the event, we have no further details other than the date, location and time of the planned event. The police presence is expected to be large.


16 August 2021...  4am... as Taliban fighters in Afghanistan over-run the Presidential Palace in Kabul, the Sydney lockdown due to Coronavirus has extended to a statewide lockdown. Police have stated that there will be an increased police presence in the streets in the form of roadside checkpoints (and military assistance) to enforce the stay-at-home lockdown orders. In some Sydney suburbs, even 'essential workers' are not permitted to leave their home to travel to work anymore. We will keep you posted on further local updates. The silent streets of Sydney look deserted and beautiful in an eerie sort of way.


13 August 2021...  We are in the process of editing our new video interview content, which will be online in the next few days. Please be patient.


7 August 2021...  A streaming/viewing issue has been reported on our interviews with Dr. Judy Wilyman. Please note that our videos are done in HD quality (high definition) and are always filmed in Broadcast Quality wherever possible, which makes them equal to, or better than, the quality seen on national television. If you have a very slow internet speed - such as the 1.5mbps that Vodafone reverts to after your monthly data allowance is exhausted - you will indeed experience problems with downloading and streaming. Please be advised that this is an issue for your internet service provider. All videos on display on "the GLOSSA channel" website are otherwise running smoothly and normally.


1 August 2021... Brady Gunn, who has been interviewed by "the GLOSSA channel" and spoken at A Stand In The Park and the World Wide Freedom Day rallies, has been arrested by NSW Police and is now being held in police cells awaiting a hearing in front of a judge or magistrate. More details as they emerge...


31 July 2021... the World Wide Freedom Day Rally rumoured to be taking place in Hyde Park in Sydney today has not occurred. There was a heavy police presence around and surrounding the park, but no protest occurred and no protesters arrived. Police 'intel' on the matter did not seem very good either, as they were only relying on the unconfirmed and unofficial rumours floating around on the internet and on social media. The next World Wide Freedom Day Rally in Sydney is alleged to be occurring on Saturday, 28 August 2021. We will keep you posted. It appears as though the event scheduled for 28 August will be real.


29 July 2021...  expect our new 5-part interview series with Sol Millin to be online in the next few hours and days...


22 July 2021...  a delay/glitch when uploading our videos has been occurring for the last few days. Expect new content on a daily basis from now on. Any technical issues that may affect new video uploads will be reported here on this page.


14 July 2021...  due to increased lockdown restrictions in Greater Sydney, the GLOSSA channel will not be travelling to Cairns for our next series of interviews that were due to be filmed from 15 July 2021. The 'Glossa Gathering' social event which was to be held at the Hilton Hotel in Cairns on Saturday evening, 17 July, is now also postponed. We will keep you posted on any changes and updates...


8 July 2021...  former US President Donald Trump has announced a class action lawsuit against FaceBook, Twitter and Google/YouTube over issues pertaining to shadow-banning and censorship. Trump's legal representatives have stated that these social media and online giants are in fact "governmental agencies". As such, Trump contends that these are freedom of speech issues, hence censorship cannot be undertaken by companies who claim it is 'their platform' in which they alone 'make the rules'.


6 July 2021...  many of you have heard about a major June 2021 drug bust that occurred when members of a worldwide crime syndicate used the 'Anom' App for their phone calls and texts. Thinking they were safe from surveillance, they openly discussed their scams and schemes. How wrong they were!  However, Anom is far from being the only supposedly 'secure' telecommunications or social media App.  For example, What's App is now owned by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), and the Chinese-owned social media app 'TikTok' is also un-secure. My sources have revealed that any text messages containing links to COVID-19 videos on TikTok will be deleted and removed from both the sender's and the receiver's telephone handset. At this stage, it is still a mystery how anyone is getting inside telephones to delete messages. Of course, text messages that do not question the official Coronavirus narrative are left untouched and unscathed. But messages which contain links to TikTok videos that expose the Covid lie are promptly scuttled.


1 July 2021...  "the GLOSSA channel" reaches the Million Mark...  after starting "the GLOSSA channel" on YouTube in June 2015, the channel has received a million views on YouTube as of June 2021. In those six years since the channel commenced, we now have 200 videos on YouTube and 15,000 subscribers... and now we also have this, our stand-alone website at to counteract the restrictive censorship policies of YouTube. While you can continue to watch our footage on YouTube, we also encourage everyone to bookmark this website too, as this is where we will mostly be focusing our attention...


29 June 2021... state borders permitting, "the GLOSSA channel" will be in Cairns in mid-July for a new round of interviews. The itinerary is in place, but the recent announcement of various COVID-19 hotspots across Australia, notably in Sydney, has resulted in snap lockdowns and travel restrictions that may impact our plans. We will keep you posted...


27 June 2021... our ground-breaking interview series with vaccine author and academic Dr. Judy Wilyman is now online!


24 June 2021...  BAN-DEMIC...  we have been subjected to yet another temporary ban on YouTube. This is a two-week ban for a Sol Millin interview pertaining to the Coronavirus. YouTube policies openly state that they will not tolerate any content or opinions that contradict the World Health Organization's stance on COVID-19. From now on, we need to be careful what we say on YouTube because there is a risk of the entire channel being wiped. That only emphasizes the importance of this stand-alone website here at, which is completely free of YouTube's restrictive and draconian policies.